February Charm: Rubik’s Cube

February Charm: Rubik’s Cubes

A gif of a beaded Rubik's cube, each frame is a different side of an unsolved cube. Some frames in, there is a picture of cupped hands hiding the cube, and then there are shots of a solved cube. The final frame is a cropped picture of a woman holding the two cubes in her hand.

My niephlings love Rubik’s Cubes (and the assorted knockoffs), they have hundreds of the classic ones and a ton of the variations. I…am very bad at them. I tried when I was younger, realized that I was truly awful at them, and gave up. I realize now that there are strategies for solving them, but I think that’s a job for my siblings and niephlings instead.

Recently, one of my nephews turned 3 and the theme for his birthday party was sea related. His siblings created a fish out of Cubes:

A picture of am orange fish made out of a bunch of Rubik's Cubes. The Cubes are stacked on top of a blue tablecloth, to act as the ocean.
A bunch of Rubik’s Cubes stacked to make the picture of an orange fish. The Cubes are on top of a blue tablecloth, which is supposed to be the sea.

Another time, they made the winking smiley emoji:

A winking smiley face made out of Rubik's Cubes

Two of the artists have birthdays coming up and I decided the best thing I could make for them would be a beaded Rubik’s Cube. I made one a mixed-up Cube and the other solved.

A woman holding up the Rubik's Cubes keychains, one dangling from each hand. One is "solved" and one isn't.
A smiling woman holding two beaded Rubik's Cubes keychains in the palm of her hand. One is "solved" and one isn't.
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