Can the product be customizable?

Yes! Everything is made for you! Let me know what color, size, etc. you want in the order notes and I will help you. If you would like to discuss what you would like before you place the order, send me a note! While I won’t start working on the piece before the order is placed, we can discuss the specifics ahead of time.

Are your earrings hypoallergenic?

Yes! All earring posts are hypoallergenic. Need the beads to be, as well? Let me know, and I will make sure to use beads without any metal in them.

Are your bracelets and necklaces hypoallergenic?

They can be! Let me know in the order notes and I will make sure that the clasp is hypoallergenic. Need the beads to be hypoallergenic, also? No problem. Let me know in the order notes and I will make sure to use beads without any metal in them.

I want my jewelry to be in a specific color. Is this doable?

I am happy to fulfill general color requests, but please note the following:

* We can discuss the colors you are interested in, and I can show you pictures of beads for you to choose from, but please be aware that colors will look different depending on your monitor. While I can promise you, say, a purple necklace, I can’t promise that it will be the exact shade of purple in your mind’s eye.

* In general, if you choose the main color of a multi-color piece, I will choose additional beads with complementary colors using my own judgment. If you have strong views about the specifics, I can accommodate that, but you’ll need to specify what you want up front. (I will not start making your piece until you place the order.)

Can you match different items to each other?

If you are ordering two items of jewelry (e.g., a pendant and a pair of earrings) at the same time, I can make sure that they are cohesive. However, I cannot guarantee that a previous order will match a new one (though I will do my best), and I cannot match an order with something you already own.

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